Over the years that Sterling Property Management has been operating the Cypress Pointe Apartments, the interiors and exterior have undergone significant renovations.  We offer beautiful two bedroom, one bedroom and studio apartments in a quiet, self contained location. Parking in the rear of the property has no public alley access so it is truly "private parking". The interior courtyard is beautifully landscaped and includes quaint post lamps that give the property a warm charm.  All units include air conditioning and locking screen doors for those that prefer natural ventilation.  

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Managed by Sterling Property Management, Inc.

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Cypress Poin​te Apartments


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Founded in 1986, Sterling Property Management, Inc., has been serving owners of apartment properties in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties for nearly thirty years. During that time Sterling Property Management, Inc. has managed nearly 250 properties consisting of approximately 2,500 units, varying in size from as small as a duplex to as large as over one hundred units per location; our experience also encompasses some commercial / retail locations. The ownership entities of our management accounts include individuals, partnerships, tenant-in-common groups and LLC's.

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